#6 Reiki and Holistic Dowsing

imagesCA97IZ8ZHolistic dowsing, particularly pendulum dowsing is often incorporated into my practice as a Reiki therapist. Apart from applying my own knowledge, experience and intuition, I often use it to reaffirm my instinctive approach to a specific treatment or to establish any additional aspects that may need to be included into a treatment. I make use of, for example, fan charts to assess or re-assess the specifics of client-specific Reiki treatments. Aspect that I may assess include:

  • Is a long chakra balance or a short chakra balance more appropriate for today’s treatment?
  • Is a traditional Reiki treatment, chakra based Reiki treatment or meridian based Reiki treatment required today?
  • Should goal manifestation be included into today’s Reiki treatment?
  • Should a healing attunement be done as part of today’s Reiki treatment?
  • What other aspects should be included into today’s Reiki treatment – crystals, affirmations, referrals, etc.
  • If crystals are to be incorporated today, which crystals?

Within the Reiki treatment itself I often use dowsing as a scanning tool. Pendulum dowsing is a quick and accurate way of establishing energy flow and blockages in a client, particularly where scanning by hand is for some reason not possible. By using a pendulum and dowsing over each chakra the energetic status and well-being (i.e. being balanced/under energised/over energised/blocked) of each chakra can be determined. During the Reiki treatment I am then guided by this awareness to focus on specific chakras if necessary.

In conjunction with Allergy testing, dowsing to confirm an allergy has proven useful. I also apply holistic dowsing as an effective tool in distance healing.