Courses, Coaching & Workshops

Viterra Healing offers the following courses, coaching and workshops on a group, individual or eCourse basis:

(No prior knowledge/experience is required – only the desire for personal growth and learning)

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Shoden: First Degree Reiki

 This is your introduction to Reiki and first attunement to the Reiki energy. You will learn about:

  • What Reiki Is and How It Works
  • The Origins of Reiki
  • The Reiki Principles
  • Reiki and the Energy Body
  • Benefits of Reiki
  • Supporting Techniques for Reiki Healing
  • Reiki Healing for Self, Family, Friends & Animals

Okuden: Second Degree Reiki

Become a Reiki Practitioner by learning about the three Reiki Symbols (Focus, Harmony, and Connection) and how to use Reiki for Mental/Emotional Healing as well as Distant Healing.

Shinpiden: Third Degree Reiki

Become a Reiki Master/Teacher by learning about the Reiki Master Symbol, its meaning and application. You will also learn how to initiate others into Reiki using the attunement process.

Animal Reiki

This is a practical-based short course on how to use Reiki for pets and animals. You would need to have completed Reiki 1 and have a passion for working with animals. Practical training will be done with my own horses – an experience in its own.

Basic Crystal Healing

Crystals can be used very effectively as healing tools. In this course you will learn the basics of Crystal Healing and the use of these wonderful gifts in healing as well as in your everyday life. You will learn how to choose, clear,  charge and programme your crystals as well as some basic crystal healing techniques and crystal layouts or healing.

Empowered Empath Coaching/Workshopimages6psyv107

Many of us are feel overwhelmed by the energies of other people and the world around us. Chances are that you are an Empath and what you are experiencing can be experienced as either a curse or a gift. Discover how to embrace this as a wonderful gift and become an Empowered Empath, either with a larger group on a workshop basis or in a one-on-one coaching session.

Pendulum Basics

Discover how to use your pendulum. The techniques of this workshop focus on the basic use of your pendulum for making decisions, both in your personal life and an effective and complementary energy healing tool. Learn pendulum basics as part of a larger group in a workshop or in a one-on-one coaching session.

Colour Magick Workshop

Colour is part of our everyday lives. We incorporate colours into what we wear, what we eat and what we surround ourselves with as a conscious or even subconscious way to express or even heal ourselves at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. The aim of this workshop is to tap into the magick of colour and to look at ways of making use of colour on a more conscious level.

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COURSE FEES (1 January 2017 – 31 December 2017):