Equine Reiki

At ViTerra Healing there is a particular focus on Equine Reiki. Equine Reiki is becoming more popular and have many benefits for your horse. It can bring balance to the horse’s energy and encourage healing on many levels. Equine Reiki is useful for the treatment of low performance and concentration levels, stress, overly excitable/nervous behaviour, low energy levels or as part of your horse’s rehabilitation from injury or recovery from illness.


Reiki with horses opens the door for us to offer positive healing energy to our equine friends. Reiki can help maintain your horse’s health, speed healing of illness and injuries and ease any tension that your horse may experience. Reiki is ideal for use with horses because it is gentle and non-invasive, and yet can powerfully address any health issue a horse may face.

Equine Reiki Treatment (1 hour): R490.00 Plus Travel Fee (dependant on location)

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