#2 Incorporating Crystals

untitled07Combining Crystal Healing with a Reiki treatment is quite widely used and documented. The use of crystals amplifies the energy channelled through Reiki to where a specific frequency of energy, specifically related to  the energy frequency of the crystals used, is most needed. In my own practice I frequently use crystals as part of the Reiki treatment and the following are examples of some very effective treatments:

  • The placement of the various Chakra stones on the associated Chakras of the body whilst doing a Reiki Chakra balancing enhances the intensity and effectiveness of the Chakra balance. This is particularly useful where the client’s Chakras are radically out of balance.
  • Amethyst placed on aching joints when doing a Reiki treatment for arthritic conditions have shown very positive results in one specific client that I am treating for osteoarthritis. The client is treated every second week and through combining crystal and Reiki therapy she has reduced a daily use of conventional pain-killers and anti-inflammatory medication to the use of such medication only when it becomes necessary (which now is very rarely).
  • Petrified Wood placed on the back along the spine from the nape of the neck to the tailbone at equal intervals when Reiki treating backache is a technique I have found quite useful. Clients generally report positive results after such a treatment.
  • Rose Quartz and/or Malachite placed on the Heart Chakra and Citrine placed on the Solar Plexus when Reiki treating a client suffering from heartache soothes the pain and pressure felt in the Heart Chakra. It also restores the balance to the Solar Plexus which is usually quite “bruised” as a result of such heartache.
  • At the start of a Reiki treatment I often unruffle the Aura by hand – clients frequently show hectic and very scrambled energy patterns in their Auras and it is very helpful for a more effective Reiki treatment to unruffle and smooth their auric energy. Clearing and smoothing the Aura with a crystal wand before starting the Reiki treatment instead of unruffling the Aura by hand can also be very effective, particularly in more severe chaotic auric energy patterns.
  • Drawing out discarded energy at the feet with a crystal wand, especially when the client finds that his/her feet are feeling very heavy from such discarded energy has also proven beneficial.
  • There are various ways of grounding clients after a Reiki treatment, but I have found that one of the most effective practice is having the client sit up, drink a glass of water and have them rest their feet on a large chunk of Petrified Wood.

It is easy to incorporate crystals into the Reiki treatment, effectively combining the energy benefits of these two therapies to amplify the healing process and to target very specific healing outcomes. Use your imagination and always be guided by your intuition.