#3 Reiki with Colour

images2704Generally I do not include colour therapy directly into the actual Reiki treatment. However, the use of colour is a useful tool to aid clients that need to take some practical advice back with them. Incorporating colour into their every-day lives after a Reiki treatment will extend the effects of that Reiki treatment and assist in their “energy maintenance”. I often advise clients as part of the follow-up to the Reiki session on the use of colour to aid in addressing some pertinent issues, e.g.:

  • Insomnia is a common problem that clients suffer from. Apart from relaxation techniques and suggestions about sleep-routines, clients can incorporate sleep enhancing colour therapy techniques into their daily lives, e.g. avoiding “red” foods and focussing on “blue” foods, particularly during an evening meal. Bedrooms also need to be calm and colours such as pale green, pink, blue and lilac can be incorporated to create an environment that would enhance sleep.
  • Low self-esteem and feeling “blue” can be dealt with by incorporating yellow and orange into an office or home environment. Yellow sunflowers can be an excellent tool in such instances.
  • Often clients do not feel grounded in their everyday lives. Grounding can be facilitated by incorporating brown, black and red into everyday life – underwear and socks in these colours often have the desired grounding effect.

The significance of colour cannot be stressed enough. Here are a few colour highlights….

  • Red: Energises, stimulates, revitalises, warms, alleviates depression, speeds up blood circulation and the healing of infections and wounds.
  • Orange: Encouraging, boosts the immune system, soothes digestive problems, helps in dealing with traumatic incidents, antidepressant.
  • Yellow: Stimulates the mind, aids concentration, gives mental agility, heals skin problems, detoxifies and cleanses, soothes arthritic and rheumatic conditions.
  • Green: Balancing, emotionally soothing, relaxing, removes stale energy from the Aura, detoxifies the liver, reduces blood pressure.
  • Blue: Calming, relaxing, encourages restful sleep, treats and cools infections, heals headaches, alleviates asthma.
  • Indigo: Increases intuition, acts as a sedative, purifies the blood, reduces physical pain, relieves muscular pain.
  • Violet: Aids restful sleep, clears physical and mental energy, heals ear problems, heals bacterial and viral infections, blood purifier.
  • Magenta: Releases muscular tension, alleviates constipation.
  • Turquoise: Boosts the immune system, reduces inflammatory conditions.
  • Pink: Muscle relaxant, helps heart conditions (physical and emotional).
  • Gold: Alleviates arthritic and rheumatic conditions, improves blood circulation, energises the nervous system.
  • White: Useful for healing all conditions.