#4 Reiki and Holistic Allergy Testing

imagesJSF0R094Reiki is an effective treatment of allergies as it balances the immune system. I always ask clients about allergies and often clients would indicate the possibility of an allergic condition, but without being sure of the cause(s). Being able to obtain further information about their symptom(s), living and working environments and the circumstances within which the symptom(s) may be experienced, I am able to provide them with some additional allergy management tools.

The identification of allergy triggers is the first step. Lifestyle changes and other measures can then be set in motion to manage, minimise and eliminate allergies

This approach to allergies together with Reiki therapy provides for a more holistic approach to dealing with allergies. As a Reiki therapist it is important for me to be able to assist clients with more than just channelling Reiki energy. I need to understand other aspects of their lives and how these affect their vitality and well-being. Modern life is riddled with a variety of allergens – foods, medicines, detergents, cosmetics, the air we breathe – everywhere. Many clients suffer from allergies at some stage or another and at different levels. By being knowledgeable and informed I can be more effective as a therapist, providing clients with ways and means to deal with their allergies on a day-to-day basis.