The Base Chakra – Muladhara

Base Chakra 003The Base Chakra – also known as the Root or Kundalini Chakra – is the first of the seven chakras in your body. It is located at the base of our spine and is the root of all other Chakras. It roots the body and the soul to the earth and draws its energy from the ground. The Base Chakra connects you to your instincts, giving you a sense of stability and of being physically grounded.  It is all about survival, instincts and stability. It is your main power station and it is connected to your physical vitality and endurance. Muladhara nurtures your most basic needs and desires, first and foremost the desire to live.

When your base chakra is balanced, you will benefit from a feeling of connectedness with the world and those around you, as well as a deep sense of safety and stability. Your focus will improve and the uncertainties of life will cease to be so daunting. Strengthening, unblocking and balancing your Base Chakra will also allow you to balance your other Chakras more easily, providing an even greater sense of equilibrium and well-being and thus promoting better energy flow and health.

Representing Colour: Red

Location of the Chakra in the Body: Base of the spine

How Can I Tell If My Base Chakra Is Blocked?

If you have feelings of anxiety, being unfocused, disconnectedness and fatigue, for example, you may have a blocked Base Chakra. Those with a blocked root chakra may also find themselves wanting to accumulate more and more material possessions, and may be resistant to change. Feeling fearful and as if you are not in control are also common with an unbalanced base chakra. Certain health problems may also be present, such as anemia, digestive difficulties and low blood pressure.

Maintaining Balance in your Base Chakra

After a Chakra Balancing treatment it is important to maintain that balance and removing stress is a life-long process that is meant to be enjoyed daily. For the Base Chakra:

  • Adopt physical habits such as yoga or exercise.
  • Use scents and smells that positively affect the Base Chakra, such as Ylang-Ylang, rose or cinnamon bark aromatherapy oils.
  • Integrate the colour red into your wardrobe and home décor.
  • Eat red fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and red apples.
  • Listen to a deep beat music, such as hip-hop or Latin music, that moves your body.
  • Start listening to your body and take breaks from your daily hustle and bustle when needed. Meditating or taking long, relaxing baths are simple, but effective ways to make these breaks count.