The Heart Chakra – Anahata

Heart 02The Heart Chakra is the fourth of the seven Chakras in your body. This Chakra rests in the centre of the Chakra system, at the core of our spirit. Its physical location is the heart, in the centre of the chest. This fourth Chakra is the balance point, integrating the world of matter (the lower three Chakras) with the world of spirit (the upper three Chakras). Through the Heart Chakra, we open to and connect with harmony and peace. The health of our heart centre registers the quality and power of love in our life.

In Sanskrit, the Heart Chakra is called Anahata, which means “unstruck” or “unhurt.” Its name implies that deep beneath our personal stories of brokenness and the pain in our heart, wholeness, boundless love and a wellspring of compassion reside.

The Anahata is our energy centre from which love, joy, happiness and compassion emanate. It also allows us to feel sorrow, sadness, anger and lust – it is the centre of unconditional love. On a physical level, the Heart Chakra governs the heart and circulatory system, respiratory system, arms, shoulders, hands, diaphragm, ribs/breasts and thymus gland.

When your Heart Chakra is in balance you will feel a great compassion for all living creatures and will recognise their amazing intelligence! You will be kind, caring, understand, joyous and outgoing, feeling completely at ease with yourself and the people in your life. You will understand others and accept them for who they are; you will not judge or be critical of their actions. Spending time alone is something you do not mind and you are not rushing into one relationship after another. In fact, you would rather wait for the “right” one to come to you – because you know it will come to you when the time is right.

The most powerful way to open, energise and balance the Heart Chakra (as well as our other Chakras) is to love ourselves and others. Love is the greatest healer.

An unhealthy Heart Chakra can exhibit many signs and symptoms, such as being defensive, critical, controlling, suspicious, withdrawn, possessive and afraid of letting go.

Representing Colours: Green and pink

How Can I Tell If My Heart Chakra Is Unbalanced?

When your Heart Chakra is blocked or under-active you will probably be very negative in your thinking and may find it difficult to keep a positive out-look in life. You may feel unloved, unworthy and unappreciated. This will manifest in the world around you, only confirming these “beliefs” about yourself. You have a hard time trusting others and may have a difficult time “letting” them in, keeping yourself at a distance.

If your Heart Chakra is over-active you will be ruled by your emotions, i.e. sadness, anger, grief, despair, greediness and happiness will come over you with no or little control. You may be manipulative, over critical and judgemental of yourself and others. Your love may have conditions, “I will only love you if you are this way….” and you are more likely than not a “people pleaser”, afraid that you will not be liked or accepted by others around you. You may find yourself in a relationship with a partner where you are always giving but not receiving, always forgiving and “cleaning up” after them, whether it be emotionally, or physically. Co-dependency can result from this and you may find it hard to let go of any relationship that no longer serves your Highest Good.

Maintaining Balance in your Heart Chakra

After a Chakra Balancing treatment it is important to maintain that balance and removing stress is a life-long process that is meant to be enjoyed daily. For the Heart Chakra:

  • Be green, see green and breathe green. Get out in nature. Light a green candle. Visualize a strong, clear green light filling up your heart centre. With each inhale imagine your heart centre—and possibly the rest of your body—filling up with a soft, green light and with every exhale feel your heart centre purge pent-up negativity. Don’t be too forceful on your exhalations. Rather, focus more energy on your positive, “green” inhalation.
  • Allow yourself to be loved—including, and most especially, by yourself. At the same time also give love. One of the best and easiest ways to cleanse and balance this chakra is by loving others unconditionally and unselfishly.
  • Realise that the grass isn’t always greener. It’s often human nature to naysay. Resist the urge to find fault in everything. Be thankful for what you already have.
  • Practice yoga. Try camel pose. A blocked Heart Chakra often means a blocked Throat Chakra, too, and camel pose balances them both. Focus on elongating your lower back while focusing on the stretch and opening in your upper back. Really let go and feel your heart centre lift and open during the pose.
  • Forgive. A lot of blockages in this chakra are fostered by not letting go of past hurts, anger, grief, regret, etc. Let go. If you need professional counselling, putting it off only makes your healing more challenging and prolonged. Take care of yourself and try to also remember that when each door closes a new one opens.
  • Crystals that are beneficial for the Heart Chakra include, Rose Quartz, Jade, Green Aventurine, Emerald, Green Tourmaline, Malachite, Rhodochrosite and Chrysoprase.
  • Aromatherapy oils for the Heart Chakra include Angelica, Marjoram, Hyssop, Lavendar, Neroli, Melissa, Rose, Chamomile, Ylang ylang, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Rosemary and Frankincense
  • Use positive solar plexus affirmations. Take a few moments to sit in quiet reflection. Tune into your own Heart Chakra and find the affirmations needed specifically for you at this time. Feel what you need to say to yourself to bring healing to your Heart Chakra, and then take a few minutes each day this week to repeat them. Embody them. Believe them! Use affirmations such as:
    • “Love is the answer to everything.”
    • “I am an infinite being full of Divine Love, which I give freely and openly accept from others!”
  • The Heart Chakra’s element is air. Sitting outside and feeling the breeze upon your skin, allowing your heart to feel it can be very beneficial. Because the colour green is around us in the trees and in the grass, going out walking, or laying in the grass and allowing the heart to feel it, can begin to bring it into balance!