Your Reflexologist

ViTerra Healing is proud to welcome Mariette Warris, our in-house Reflexologist. Mariette is an Art Teacher, Art Therapist and Reflexology practitioner, practicing Reflexology as a holistic therapy which restores the balance of the body by inducing relaxation and activating the process of natural self-healing. She approaches the feet as a microcosm of the body and by stimulating the reflex areas on the feet, the body is capable of spontaneous restoration of its energy flow. After a treatment you will certainly experience a sense of total relaxation and pure, unconditional love.

Being trained in Reiki, Art and Art Therapy and Reflexology, Mariette feels particularly drawn to Reflexology and the opportunity to assist in your healing journey through this preferred therapy. She has done SO many feet and when touching someone’s feet, she is immediately filled with an awareness of compassion that will benefit the healing process greatly.

Mariette practiced Reflexology in many different parts of our beautiful Country and even had the privilege of owning her own business whilst living in Clarens. A particular fond memory is the Sesotho nun that come for a Reflexology treatment and the truly divine and inspiring experience of connection during this treatment session.